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Kitti Pryde's Profile

Kitti Pryde

Customers rated Kitti Pryde 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

sporty girl!!!! only positive!!!! chic twerk!!! FOR U!!!Professional dancer!!!
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Thanks for my guests

May 21st @ 5:39am EDT

I no can to be in online more. No know, will i again in online. Because of my low rating, and poor attendance from you, my favorites.I am not available to enter online.


May 17th @ 3:50am EDT

I appreciate every good person in my room. Give good more, I will be happier to see you in my room

me sad

Apr 29th @ 8:19am EDT

I am very upset that there are few people in my room who I communicate with .... (((you donât like me?


Apr 20th @ 12:34am EDT

What a pale and handsome knight
Rode on a black horse,
And what a fabulous bird
Circled above him?

And what a sad look he threw
To my colorful window,
And why did I become unbearable
World native and familiar for a long time?

And why is my big brother in a fright
With a trembling candle flicker
Took out of the cellars chain mail
And sharpened spears and swords?

And why today in the chapel
Everyone converged, read psalms,
And the monks sullen sang
A spell against darkness and darkness?

And the gloomy astrologer descended
From the spell tower to the house,
And why was so strange long
His argument with my old father?

I don't know, I don't know anything
I'm still so young
But I still cry and weep
And I always dream.


Apr 14th @ 1:50am EDT

New Photos already here...1 horny me

Acrobatic - my power

Apr 12th @ 6:12am EDT

I returned to the acrobatics) my body, of course ... it hurts) but I feel light), especially when there is a good coach with a sense of humor) He said that I am a fighter)) so nice))) but also dumb)) because I am a girl)In fact ... I returned to acrobatics ... by chance) Iâm forever unpredictable) thanks to my friend) But there are such people) that give me a push for perfection) I happy!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))


Apr 10th @ 6:20am EDT

By the way) I plan to purchase my baby in the summer) the snake already exists) I want a chameleon) as in the Rapunzel cartoon))) that chameleon won me over)) my heart))


Apr 9th @ 9:00am EDT

How I would like to see the light in a good tunnel.I want to make meaningful in my life .... to achieve my dreams..Great difficulties that will give me happiness and peace


Mar 29th @ 1:29am EDT

Need to understand people, try to learn them more deeply than you think. You see a person, looks like a pleasant appearance ... but it is not clear in communication ... 50 to 50 percent. But the man you liked liked. Try to get to know this person. Maybe this will be your friend, support, maybe more ... Many are mistaken at the initial opinion ... you cannot recognize a person in 1 day ... I am everything.

My life

Mar 29th @ 1:19am EDT

Once I will turn around me, feel the taste of freedom and victory. Maybe someone will not notice, and maybe a lot of people will see in me that person whom I wanted to present in front of all the people. Will support me mentally and I will find peace...Amen...

hey hey)

Feb 25th @ 9:12pm EST

I plan to make a photoshoot with my little pet - a snake!!!!!!!Only I cannot find a bag in shops for reptiles (Should I do for you such victims? with the pet?? Can you it is not interesting? and in vain under I disturb the favourite baby

New appearance

Feb 18th @ 8:22pm EST

I plan to add another tattoo... Left forearm inside... Want to make a human heart with the inscription "SOUL" But I will not dare... What can be done in the background of the heart... If you want, help with the idea. I would be very grateful.) I love you, kiss. Your Kitty

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